Brand Menu Statement

  • We Buy Fresh and Local, You Eat Well
  • We partner with Local Farms wherever possible
  • Traditional and Contemporary Favorites prepared from scratch with healthy edge
  • Healthy and Hearty Options
  • Large menu variety of high quality, fresh products.

Brand Service Statement

  • Service at the Park Ave Diner is contagiously friendly, warm, familiar, informal and CARING
  • The Guests are treated like a friend in a home away from home
  • Developing a one to one relationship with the Guest -- is the core of Diner Hospitality
  • Service is always attentive, fast-paced, high energy
      – Contagious Friendliness
      – Caring Relationships
      – Love the Guest!

Brand Community Statement

  • Park Ave Diner is a key part of the Community – nurturing it’s growth and health
  • Park Ave Diner is a Sparkling Clean gathering place for family and friends
  • Park Ave Diner supports Local Schools and Non-profit Community Organizations
  • Park Ave Diner supports our local economy by living, working & serving in the Community