The Diner Mission To Be the Best We Can Be

  • Our People
    Our people are our most precious resource. Our success as a company is totally dependent on our people's success as professionals and individuals.

  • Our Guests
    "The answer is Yes, now what is the question?" We strive never to say No to any guest's request. We are passionate in our mission to deliver beyond what is expected.

  • Our Products
    We believe in executing our product 100% right and in never serving any product to our guests which does not meet these high standards.

  • Our Growth
    Growth and profits are the results of excellence in executing our mission. We will not grow at the sacrifice of our mission of executing excellence.

  • Integrity
    We strive to be value-driven, consistently honest, dependable, and ethical in what we say and do. We want to keep our promises, fulfill expectations, and "Walk Our Talk."

  • Quality
    We have an unrelenting passion to do everything to the highest standards of excellence and a commitment to continuously seek improvement.

  • Putting People First
    We empower people by teaching them the skills and knowledge by which to achieve their professional and personal best.

  • The Enterprise System
    We believe that we earn profits through successful service to our guests. The guest, the associate, and the business each must make a "profit" to achieve our mission.